Listening / Day 10: Cách chiến thắng Part 4 (3): Phân tích bài nói theo từng chủ đề - công ty/ hướng dẫn

Ngày đăng: 2015-12-26

1. Phân tích từng chủ  đề - công ty
Các chủ đề được hỏi chủ yếu là về sự tahy đổi kế hoạch công việc, thông báo trong công ty, nội dung truyền đạt.
Where was this announcement made?
A. At a hospital
B. At a post office
C. At a laboratory
D. At a factory      (Đáp án đúng)
It has come to management’s attention taht many aseembly line workers are not following proper safety precautions. Please remember that protective eyewear must be worn all times. Although we’re never had an injury here, this is company policy and failure to comply will result in a fine or a suspension. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping operations running smoothly and safely. A memo outlining this information will be put in your employee mailboxes later today.
2. Phân tích từng chủ đề - hướng dẫn
Nội dung truyền đạt chủ yếu là thời gian biểu, điều cần lưu ý, nội dung hướng dẫn.
[Câu hỏi thường gặp]
- What is the purpose of this talk?
- Who is the speaker?
- What are they going to see?
- What are the listeners asked to do?
What are the people going to do?
A. Take a boat tour      (Đáp án đúng)
B. See the Grand Cayon
C. Enjoy a concert performence
D. Attend a company annual meeting
Ladies and gentlemen! Now, we are going to join the grand opening of Thousand Island Tour. We will be cruising in the water for a minimum of ome hour. As well, you will visit on one of the many islands to view the spectacular scenery and breath-taking sights. When the tour is over, we would appreciate it if all of you would fill out a questionnaire. Also, you will recive a special gifl package ffor completing the questionnaire. Thank you for your time.

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